• VoltX batteries have been earning praise from happy customers for a reason. Inside these compact, ultra-portable power packs are high-class components put together to provide unrivalled performance with every use. Our lithium batteries are made up of the finest LFP cells for utmost safety, extended cycle life, and fast charging process. Paired with an intelligent battery management system (BMS) that ensures every cell is in optimal condition, you can expect only the best overall quality from our batteries.

  • Quality

    All of our products are quality tested and we are constantly updating our models to meet demand.


    Other brands on the market have inflated price points. We promise to keep our products competitively priced.


    Gone are the days when you had to lug heavy batteries when camping or caravanning. Our LiFePO4 batteries are built to be lightweight and even have slimline versions for easier packing or storing in limited spaces.

VoltX Battery Cells


VoltX adopts LFP cells in their batteries, which meets UL, IEC, CE and other standards. These cells are known for their safety and long cycle life (1C charge and discharge, 100% DOD cycle, 6000+ times). They also support a good rate of discharge (10C), as well as fast charging (2C) for increased efficiency.

  • 6000+CYCLE LIFE



  • VoltX 50ah 0.5c
  • VoltX 50ah 1C
  • VoltX 50ah at different temperatures
  • VoltX 50ah discharge curves at different rates


Download the technical parameters table

VoltX Circuit

BMS (Battery Management System)

BMS, short for battery management system, is the core component and security guarantee of the entire battery system. The BMS system independently developed by VoltX adopts a three-level management structure namely BMU, BCM and ESMU to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of the battery pack.

Additionally, it also features a four-level security control strategy that checks everything from cell to system protection. Combined with big data analysis, the "predictive operation and maintenance" management of the battery system is determined through state parameters such as SOC, SOH, SOP, SOE and SOL.

  • BMU

    BMU is the most basic management unit of the system, integrated within the cell and the lithium battery module. It is mainly responsible for collecting the voltage, temperature and other data of each cell. The BMU is also equipped with equalisation modules which improve the consistency of the system for smooth operation. Aside from this, it also features a temperature control system that automatically switches on a fan during high temperature conditions to effectively dissipate the heat.

  • BCM

    BCM pertains to integrated management devices, such as DC circuit breaker, relay, hall element, diode, pre-charge resistance and etc. It provides real-time analysis, takes care of processing BMU transmitted data, and generates status report or feedback to the system BMS. BCM adopts both AC and DC power supply modes. Usually, AC power supply is preferred but in the event that this is switched off, it can be directly switched to DC power supply.

  • ESMU

    ESMU is the system BMS. It is responsible for organising the uploaded data of each BCM in the system, analysing them in real time, generating the system operation status report, and displaying it on the display screen.

VoltX Padlock


There are 4 levels of security control in all VoltX batteries situated in the rack level, cell level, system level and module level.

  • Cell Level: The electric core adopts the LFP material system and a one-way, explosion-proof valve for extreme safety. In case of emergency such as short-time connection outside, the explosion-proof valve can be punched open to cut off the circuit to prevent safety concerns on the user’s end.

  • Rack Level: Rack level security control mainly takes place in the BCM internal and allows for the system management of overcharge, over-current, and anti-reverse connection to ensure the safety and reliability of the rack.

  • Module Level: The temperature control module within the BMU allows for easy adjustments to ensure that the operating environment is in a controllable range.

  • System Level: The main purpose of the system is to control the pressure difference between racks in the parallel machine state for full safety within the system operation.

VoltX Smart Cloud Management System


• Support mobile App or PC terminal monitoring management
• Management authority by roles
• Predictive operation and maintenance control
• Closed-loop operation and maintenance management

VoltX Fire Control System


• Heptafluoropropane fire extinguishing agent
• Design of hot melt fire pipe
• Module built-in + cabinet protection, eliminating internal and external risks
• 24/7 online monitoring, safe and free of dead angles.