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The EV Series Motive Lithium Batteries under VoltX look very much like lithium camping batteries with their portable form. Combining a lithium iron phosphate battery base with an intelligent BMS, every unit is built to provide a stable performance. This built-in BMS also ensures a longer service life as it automatically protects against common battery issues like overcharging, undercharging, overheating, and short circuits. Aside from a maintenance-free operation, it contributes to improved user safety too. VoltX Motive Batteries are available in different capacities, with 280Ah being the highest. It also allows full-capacity use, great for powering equipment such as low-speed vehicles for a longer period.


  • Floor scrubber
  • Low-speed vehicle
  • Golf cart
  • Sightseeing cart
  • Forklift
  • Electric bicycle
  • AGV
  • Marine

What makes this series unique

  • LiFePO4 technology + battery management system
  • 100% DoD
  • Visual power display
  • Audible alarm system
  • Supports multiple communication and cloud platform access
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EV Series Lithium ION Battery

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