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The TC Series High Voltage UPS System makes an ideal backup for high-power requirements. Using high rate and long-lasting lithium iron phosphate batteries, these batteries display good stability and high reliability. The built-in battery management system (BMS) coupled with fire protection and integrated cloud management system ensures a smooth and safe performance suited for big data centers power protection sites.


  • Data centers
  • Financial institutions
  • Rail transit systems
  • Educational institutions
  • Medical systems
  • Large industrial and mining enterprises
  • Power grids
  • Other important power backup and power protection sites 

What makes this series unique:

  • Modular design
  • Supports series and parallel connections
  • Compatible with two/three-wire applications
  • Supports the mix and match of old and new technologies
  • Intelligent equalisation technology for improved performance consistency
  • Visual display interface
  • 2500 Sub-high rate cycle life; 6000 times conventional cycle life
  • 20-year service life
  • IP21 protection (Protects from objects greater than 12mm and condensation)
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TC Series High Voltage UPS System

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